Saturday, December 9, 2017

Looking for an easy way to capture and celebrate learning. Google Photos is a great tool

Here's what you do.
During the event:
  • Take photos 
  • Record videos
After the event:
  • Go to Google Assistant on your phone
  • Tap "Movie"
  • Select photos and videos you want to feature
  • Tap "Create"


You've made a movie. Google will pick the filter and music, but you can always go back to edit and select your own filter or music.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Students examined the work of Patricia Piccinini, while discussing the benefits and drawbacks of advancements in science. They were then challenged to develop a creature portraying their stance on biotechnology and genetic engineering with explanation to how the creature would interact with or affect humans, other animals, and the environment. Sculptures were created using recyclable materials to design a supportive armature, and finished with craftsmanship through plaster and acrylic paint application. 


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Students on Team 8A at Doherty Middle School recently participated in the Kindness Rocks Project as part of a culminating project related to The Giver. In class, we’ve been discussing the significance of remembering the past, celebrating traditions and sharing stories in order to form strong connections with others and create a positive community. Students have created Kindness Rocks that spread messages of positivity, promote diversity and encourage individuality. These Kindness Rocks have been placed in the Town Hall garden beds in downtown Andover for all to enjoy!