Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What does this mean? Let us look at a recent Science lesson that took place in Mrs. Bowen’s class.

As the new Chromebooks rolled into the 3rd Grade classroom, teachers of High Plain and their students were eager to get sign on. The excitement of getting onto the Chromebooks was almost overwhelming and the teachers could not wait to get their student’s logged on!

After getting used to how the Chromebook work; logging in, charging, trying some of the tablet features, and of course changing the backgrounds, it was time to get down to business!

Third graders are now fully immersed in Google Classroom, an online environment where teachers can add assignments, announcements, communicate with students on individual or group work, and see real time progress on work being done.

First, students log into Google Classroom. On the front page, they look at the “Stream” for the science lesson of the day. Mrs. Bowen explains the assignment using the Epson Board at the front of the room to give details about what the students need to do.

Mrs. Bowen has linked an online science textbook from the FOSS website to her assignment. Students will be reading the interactive textbook and answering the review questions.

How will they answer the review questions?

Students have a Chrome Extension called Screencastify of course! Screencastify can capture video and audio using the camera and microphone built into the chromebook. Students will use this tool to talk about and reflect on the reading. Once the video and audio is captured they can submit it to Mrs. Bowen through Google Classroom because it automatically saves to the students’ Andover Google Drive Account!  (Is your head spinning yet? You’d be surprised how well the students can do this!)

As you walk around the room you see some students helping other students navigate the textbook, some are recording answers, other students are clicking on some of the interactive features of the textbook to find out more information, and one student leaves Mrs. Bowen a message on google classroom asking about the assignment. Mrs. Bowen walks around the room and is giving guidance and extra help to students who need it (also the occasional high five).

Finally, Mrs. Bowen sees on the whiteboard that students are submitting their reflections in real time!  She asks if anyone would like to share their answer and hands shoot up!  With one click, the students are able to watch a video together of a reflection that one of their classmates just submitted.

This is just one example of some of the ways the 3rd Grade Team uses google classroom. Other members of the 3rd Grade Teaching Team are using it in conjunction with BrainPop, Prodigy, and Google Slides; creating a true Blended Learning Environment. Students can navigate the material at their own pace although never lose touch with the teacher in the room who can reinforce the new concepts being learned and also help facilitate the material so that it is attainable for all students.  

It looks like these 3rd Grade students are off to great start and it will be interesting to see how else they can keep utilizing new technology this school year!

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